We love beginners! Our hands-on approach encourages individual progress, and to eventually explore mediums and subjects of particular interest to the student to an advanced level. Each student starts in a program based on their age and skill level. Most all students start with Fine Arts Basics. For experienced or advanced students, placement is determined by a personal portfolio review.

Who We Teach

We teach interested students from ages five to eighty-five in making life like drawings of their own. Our Basic thru Advanced programs each consist of 10 to 14 drawing projects each, all based on a students’ age:

Age 5 - 9   •  Age 10 - 16  •  Age 17 - adult

A Free Class

Schedule a Free 90 min. introductory class. By making an appointment, prospective students can sample our teaching method and get to know how special our teachers are.

Share Our Passion

Since 2006, we have taught how to draw logically and efficiently, part of an easy step-by-step process to sketch and render many different subjects. Art is Our Passion is an art school where every student works at their own pace from their own age based curriculum sheet. Students start drawing basic objects using simple shapes, and move on to progressively more challenging subjects and mediums. Our students work through our programs one project at a time, off their own specific program sheet.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How We Teach
There are always 2 separate pieces of artwork on each student’s overall drawing. The larger one, done by the student only, and a smaller one done by the teacher(s). That way, we first demonstrate shape, color and tone before the student attempts it on their work. The student’s work is ultimately their own, and may be submitted to competitions and college applications. 

Our teachers are working artists and designers who are experienced and supportive. Most classes have a student/teacher ratio of 3/1, never exceeding 4/1. We guide our students to produce a high level of realism and accuracy in all their artworks. 

Our students start with dry mediums, offering a faster learning curve. We do this in order to produce work that our student artists are proud of from the very first lesson.

We determine the general subject matter for each project from our published curriculum. (i.e. dog or cat). The student then chooses the specific photo, still life, or another artist’s work, that they will work from with the teacher. For each project, the student can look through our library of 45 drawing source books with over 7000 photos to choose from. Students can always bring in their own photo or source material when it fits the general subject of the project.

 What We Teach
Nearly all students start in our comprehensive Basic Drawing program, consisting of 14 separate subject projects. They are all done to gain proficiency in a variety of dry mediums in drawing and rendering a wide range of subject matter. We believe in our students building a solid foundation of skills that will enable them to ultimately tackle many differ--ent artistic challenges in subject, style, and medium.

Our Advanced programs include watercolor, acrylic and oil painting. We also have specialized courses in animation and several subject specific drawing programs including figures, portraits and animals.

Student Art Celebrations
We have bi-annual public juried student art shows where we showcase the art of all our talented, hard working students. These very popular events are attended by hundreds of people every June & December. Winner’s art and event photos can be seen on Facebook: ArtIsOurPassionThousandOaks

Every Artwork is Special

We offer color matting and quality framing of student work, suitable for display in your home or office. We also digitally photograph every artwork created and present a CD and certificate to each student upon program completion. This also enables us to offer student artist’s work on matted photographic prints and canvas enlargements for one of a kind gift giving.

Art Classes For Kids And Adults