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We love beginners! Our hands-on approach encourages individual progress, and to eventually explore mediums and subjects of particular interest to the student to an advanced level. Each student starts in a program based on their age and skill level. Most all students start with Fine Arts Basics. For experienced or advanced students, placement is determined by a personal portfolio review.


• Basic Drawing 

We pick the general subject, you pick the photo you will work from to start. Using pencil, we'll begin drawing using the fundamentals of line and shape. We'll work big to small, back to front, and color light to dark. Techniques of value and texture are taught to better illustrate depth of subject.  Subject matter includes human face and figure, animals, landscapes, still-life, fantasy, and caricature. Mediums include pencil, chalk pastels, colored pencils, oil pastels and charcoal.

Separate age based curriculums are tailored to three groups: Age 5-9, Age 10-16, Age 17-adult.


• Advanced Methods
Exploration of many different mediums, styles, and techniques in two and three dimensions. Materials: scratchboard, illustration board, charcoal, acrylics, ink, paper sculpture, colored pencils, pencils and oil pastels.

Age 9-adult

• Animation
Students will explore the different types
and stages of animation and comic book
illustration. Emphasis on the basic elements of design and development of a character with environment design and illustration.

Age 10-adult
• Beginning Watercolors
Teaches different techniques of painting with watercolors. Included is set-up, color mixing, various brush skills and color application
such as washes, dry brush, sponge, and masking.

Age 9-adult
Acrylic Painting
Instruction on techniques of painting, blending, glazing, texture color mixing with acrylics.

Age 10-adult

Art Classes For Kids And Adults

Oil Painting
Techniques of painting with oils using a variety of subjects.Set-up and clean up, color mixing, dry brush blending, glazes, blocking in color with shades for contrast, and painting of textures.

 Age 10 thru adult
• Digital Illustration
Students will start on laptop after completing
a pencil drawing and then scan it to be rendered
on the computer. Learning will emphasize tool use, color  selection and use of layers. Program is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator based.

Age 10 thru adult


• Individual Classes

We offer weekday morning classes for one or two students looking for intensive one on one instruction. Two hours per week minimum, per student.
Age 5 -adult

• Small Group Classes

These classes can be tailored to any home school class requirements. Two hours per week minimum.

Age 5 -adult

Book an evening with friends to celebrate
your special occasion. Everyone in attendance will create their own artwork, with easy step-by-step direction by our instructors. Bring your own
beverage and appetizers for a memorable evening of making art with your own special friends.

We have bi-annual public juried student art shows where we showcase the art of all our talented, hard working students. These very popular events are attended by hundreds of people every June & December. Winner’s art and event photos can be seen on Facebook: ArtIsOurPassionThousandOaks

We offer color matting and quality framing of student work, suitable for display in your home or office. We also digitally photograph every artwork created and present a CD and certificate to each student upon program completion. This also enables us to offer student artist’s work on matted photographic prints and canvas enlargements for one of a kind gift giving.